Moving Checklist from Move Logistics – so all the logistics go smoothly!


    • Create a moving binder to hold all contracts, receipts, calendar items, etc.
    • Secure new home history and detail from real estate agent
    • Take inventor for home owners or apartment insurance (especially valuables)
    • Book your move with plenty of advance notice (call Sean)
    • Be sure to tell your mover about special items (piano, etc.)
    • Reserve materials and packing team
    • Secure travel arrangements for your move after the truck leaves for new residence
    • Gather materials and manuals for appliances for new resident
    • Clean closets, drawers, attic, garage and discard before packing begins
    • Hold a garage sale or donate unwanted items to charity
    • Consider furniture placement in the new home
    • Remove all cleaning supplies and chemicals
    • Handle securing current school records and new school registration
    • Handle address change with post office and all vendors
    • Make changes to home or apartment insurance
    • Get owner’s manuals for appliances, etc. in new home
    • Pack moving supplies (personal items to keep with you, meds, important items)
    • Pack moving supplies (cleaning supplies, keys, etc.)
    • Prepare labels for rooms and prepare floor plan for where furniture goes
    • Schedule disconnects and NEW turn on for gas, electric, water, TV provider, newspaper, pest control, pool maintenance cleaning/maid service, lawn maintenance and phone land line
    • Secure doctor, dentist and other medical records for new providers
    • Refill and move prescriptions
    • Plan for pets during move
    • Clean out your safe deposit box
    • Close any remote post office contracts
    • Return borrowed items (library books, etc.)
    • Handle your car with tune up and proper prep for the climate you are moving to
      Leave keys, codes and garage door openers in kitchen for new residents
    • Secure cash for the move


    • Secure your new keys, codes and garage door openers
    • Keep cell phone in a secure place so it does not get packed
    • Secure valuables to travel with you
    • Secure any guns to travel with you (or discuss this in detail with your mover in advance)
    • Help movers manage any unexpected items
    • When the move is complete, review contract and pay movers
    • Remember traditional tip for moving team
    • Introduce yourself to neighbors
    • Notify the police in your area if your home will be empty for a long period of time
    • If you home you are leaving is being shown by realtors, secure a cleaning service and lawn care


  • Determine the necessity of a land line phone
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchen immediately
  • Clean oven, stove and refrigerator and defrost freezer)
  • Secure security company and passcodes, test system after movers leave
  • Locate drug stores, dry cleaners, grocery, medical providers, vet, etc.
  • Send new address announcements to friends and family
  • Some moving expenses are tax deductible – more information @ IRS website at website.
  • You will be able to download and print form 8822 and most other IRS tax forms; e.g., Form 3903 to help deduct moving expenses.Downloadable version of this checklist available here.
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