Commercial Move Checklist:

2 Months Prior to Moving

• Commit 1-2 persons to manage move & maintain communication with Move Logistics
• Identify move dates and work with personnel to ensure everyone is aware of target dates
• Begin discarding items not going to new office location
• Obtain floor layout for new office to determine more or less where furniture and
personnel will be put. Measurements may be needed to ensure items will fit as planned.
• Begin informing clients and vendors of upcoming move.
• Ensure all inspections and permits are obtained prior to moving into new office.
• Once pertinent dates are in place with Move Logistics, hold a meeting with staff members
to ensure everyone is aware of important dates.
• Obtain moving supplies-Don’t worry we can provide & deliver you all moving supplies!
• Begin compiling an inventory of all equipment and pertinent assets.
• Ensure all crucial data is backed up.
1 month prior:
• Begin packing common areas i.e. kitchen, waiting rooms, supply closets.
• Have staff members begin packing personal belongings and files into boxes.
**Tip 1: All heavy items such as books should be packed in small boxes
**Tip 2: All boxes should be taped very well on bottom and top to ensure safe transport
** Tip 3: Please be sure all loose and personal items are packed properly, & boxes are clearly
labeled as to ‘who’ boxes belong to
• Work with your IT department to coordinate dates for all electronics to be disconnected
and packed.
• Reserve elevators and loading docks for moving day.
• Coordinate changing of locks and access codes for new building. This ideally be handled
before move occurs.
• Finalize floor plans, seating arrangements, and electronics placement.
**Tip 4: develop a color or number system in order to label important offices and furniture
pieces. Put onto a blue print of new office for reference. Make several copies.
1-2 weeks prior:
• Ensure every staff member is 100% packed and ready to go.
• If possible, arrange a tour of the new office so that everyone understands the new floor
• Ensure Electricity and A/C is connected prior to move.
• Coordinate 1-4 other people to help you manage and work with movers. Create copies of
blue prints to give to staff members who will be directing movers.
1-2 days before Moving Day:
• Check once more that all desks, file cabinets, fridges, etc. are completely empty.
• Ensure all computers, telephones, TVs, and cables/wires are disconnected and packed.
**Tip 5: Every employee should take their own keyboard and mouse
• Begin putting color coded or numbered labels on offices and furniture that correlate to
where they will be placed at new offices.
• Ensure everyone knows their duties and expectations prior to moving day.
Moving Day:
• General office staff should be prepped and ready at the new office to receive their
• Upon moving, office staff should stay a safe distance from movers to prevent the
possibility of injuries.
• Reconnections & setups should take place after move is done to avoid delays.
• Coordinators should stay relatively stationary and prepared to help coordinate movers
throughout the entire move.
• Relax! Move Logistics has you covered from start to finish!


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