The Best Piano Movers

We move 4-5 pianos a week!

From Antiques to Brand New Grand Pianos Move Logistics looks forward to the opportunity to move all the different types of pianos that are out there.  Our team regularly moves about 4-5 pianos a week!


Our staff is properly trained to safely move all piano types whether it is from a first to first floor to even 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors, wherever you may need.  We have even moved a Baby Grand Piano through a tiny historical home window to a renovated attic, for a client who was insistent to have their prized possession exactly how they wanted.

All Piano Types

We can move Spinate pianos, upright pianos, console pianos, baby grand pianos, grand pianos, and even organs!  Move Logistics has the proper equipment in-house to handle these high valued items at an affordable price.  Not just any moving company can handle moving a piano.

Careful & Confident

Move Logistics will always send a crew that will confidently get in and out with your piano, no problem.  We respect the beauty and value of pianos, however, we have completed so many piano moves we make it look easy.  You always want to make sure you hire the right crew for moving a piano.

If you have to give direction as to how to move the piano, or if the crew is standing there looking around hoping for someone to make the first move, you might have picked the wrong company.

Hire with confidence, hire Move Logistics.
A San Antonio Texas based Relocation Company.