Treasured paintings and sculptures can’t be put into just any box. We use custom crates created specifically for safely packing and moving fine art, antiques, glass, china, or other special objects.

We can take care of disconnecting and packing your computer, printers, gaming systems, TVs, speakers, and any other devices you may have. We will reconnect everything at the new location.

We have a cleaning crew that ensures your old place is left spotless and your new house is clean and ready to be moved into. We’ll need time to clean up the new place before the moving trucks get there.

Furniture will not only be unloaded and reassembled but it will be placed exactly where you want it. The floors and stairs will be covered and protected for the full extent of the move. There will be no scuffs, stains, or any kind of damage left behind.

We also hang your pictures once your furniture is in place. We secure and center everything with professional grade and museum quality hardware.