What Is White Glove Moving

Relocating to a new house is a hassle for anyone but what’s the best way to handle packing? What if you don’t have time to pack? What if you physically can’t pack due to a medical condition? What if you have antiques, art, and other valuable items that can’t be packed in a normal box? The answer to all of these problems is called White Glove Service.

White glove service offers packing, moving, and unpacking just like full service moving except they go a step further. Actually they go several steps further. The only thing you have to worry about is making an inventory list, and packing very personal items such as: Birth certificates, passports, IDs, documents, medications, jewelry, and sentimental items. You should handle these items yourself no matter how elite the moving company may be.

White Glove Service


Packing everyday items such as clothing, books, and kitchen items is a given but packing valuable items correctly is top priority. Treasured paintings and sculptures can’t be put into just any box or carefully placed in the truck with a furniture blanket wrapped around it. There are custom crates created specifically for safely packing and moving fine art and other items such as:

  • Antiques

  • Expensive Furniture

  • Glass Items

  • Pottery and Ceramics

  • Musical Instruments

  • Hi-End Electronics

  • Wine and Stemware

  • Fine China

  • Family Heirlooms

  • Taxidermy

We also dismantle any large furniture like pianos and beds, and delicate items like chandeliers. Every piece removed will be separately wrapped. All pieces will be reassembled at the new location.

Two hands putting on white gloves
Bottle of wine and wine glasses
Antique Grand Piano
Fine China Tea and Coffee Serving
antique furniture in living room
Chandelier hanging

Disconnecting and Reconnecting Electronics

Disconnecting all of your electronics can be cumbersome and confusing if you have several devices with dozens of cables. We can take care of disconnecting and packing your computer, printers, gaming systems, TVs, speakers, and any other devices you may have. We will reconnect everything at the new location. Make sure you have your electricity, wifi, and cable turned on so we can test the devices to make sure everything is connected correctly.


We have a cleaning crew that ensures your old place is left spotless and your new house is clean and ready to be moved into. We’ll need time to clean up the new place before the moving trucks get there. Schedule a time that’s convenient for you to have us go over.

Rearranging Furniture

Furniture will not only be unloaded and reassembled but it will be placed exactly where you want it. If a piece of furniture is placed somewhere but then you decide you want to move it to another room; the movers will gladly move it for you again. Extreme care will also be taken when it comes to your floors. The floors and stairs will be covered and protected for the full extent of the move. There will be no scuffs, stains, or any kind of damage left behind.

Picture Hanging

They will also hang your pictures once your furniture is in place. Hanging pictures, paintings, and mirrors is frustrating if you don’t have the proper materials. You don’t want off centered art work or damaged walls because you made too many holes. A picture hanging service will alleviate those frustrations and worries. They’ll secure and center everything with professional grade and museum quality hardware.

Specialty Rooms

Movers are used to the normal essential rooms but specialty rooms are becoming the new norm. Specialty rooms come with special equipment, fragile items, and electronics. White Glove movers can handle moving and setting up specialty rooms such as:

home theater screen and recliners

Home Theater

home gym treadmill and stair climber

Home Gym

Wine Cellar bottles of wine

Wine Cellar

Home Game Room

Game Room

Art Studio Paintings Easels

Art Studio

couch table tv outside living area

Outside Living Space

White glove delivery is a little more expensive but is well worth it. You’re not only hiring a moving company but you’re also getting a cleaning service, IT crew, and picture hanging service. White glove service removes the stress of not just packing and moving but also unpacking and setting up. You should be able to leave one house and walk into the next without skipping a beat and feeling like things are out of place.

The best way to ensure your possessions are packed safely, transported safely, unloaded safely, and set up safely is by hiring professional movers with white glove service like Move Logistics. Give us a call to get ready for your moving day.