MODEL M2-106

  • Class : 6 – 8

  • Horsepower : 200 – 350 HP

  • Torque : 560 to 1150 lb-ft

M2 106 trucks are relied on every day as fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles, so Freightliner has designed its vocational trucks for maximized uptime and reliability. Constructed from high quality and durable materials, the M2 106 cab is lightweight yet extremely tough, made from corrosion-resistant aluminum reinforced with with e-coated steel.

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A powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. Since World War II, the use and development of the forklift truck have greatly expanded worldwide. Forklifts have become an indispensable piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehousing. In a typical warehouse setting, most forklifts have load capacities between one and five tons. Larger machines, up to 50 tons lift capacity, are used for lifting heavier loads


A type of platform that can usually only move vertically. The mechanism to achieve this is the use of linked, folding supports in a criss-cross “X” pattern, known as a pantograph (or scissor mechanism). The upward motion is achieved by the application of pressure to the outside of the lowest set of supports, elongating the crossing pattern, and propelling the work platform vertically. The platform may also have an extending deck to allow closer access to the work area, because of the inherent limits of vertical-only movement.




  • Class : Long Haul/Van Trailer

  • Horsepower : 375-500 HP

  • Torque : 1450-1850 lb-ft

Often operate as a part of a domestic or international transport infrastructure to support containerized cargo shipment. The system allows the cargo to switch from highway to railway or vice versa with relative ease by using gantry cranes.These trailers may be refrigerated, heated, ventilated, or pressurized, depending on climate and cargo. Some trailers have movable wheel axles that can be adjusted by moving them on a track underneath the trailer body and securing them in place with large pins.