One of the most tedious and lengthy tasks of moving is packing. To limit damages we highly recommend packing every item in a box for secure transportation. Hiring our professional packers can not only save you on time, but can also significantly limit damages.


Move Logistics has the expertise and resources to offer professional and experienced packers to safely and efficiently pack all of your items.  In most cases, our residential packers can have your items professionally packed, labeled, and staged for the movers in less then a days time. Move Logistics packers are regularly trusted with museum-worthy artifacts and high valued items, and although not every home has these type of items, we will always pack your beloved belongings and heirlooms with the same care.


Our affordable packing rates make this service a no-brainer for homeowners.


It can take weeks for an average family to pack up their home and let’s be honest–more than likely you are not a professional packer. Which means the task is going to take you much longer than it would a professionally trained packer. Use your time wisely and focus on the things you can control like planning your utilities to be switched, decluttering your items, gathering all your important documents, and leave the packing to a professional who will do it in half the time!


Another option is to team up on the effort!  Many clients like to pack certain areas that they find simpler, and leave the kitchen packing and valuable item packing to us! We can tailor your packing needs to fit your comfort and budget.

Once you see the smiling faces and great personalities of our packers, you will realize you made the right choice with the right company! 


After our professional movers load and deliver your items exactly where you want them to be, we can have our packers unpack all your items. Move Logistics can do it all!


Bob Ayres

They arrived within minutes of their stated time. They did not lag or slow down. They keep a constant pace. They are very friendly. They got the job done within 4 hours, when other people took longer.

Deanna New

The two guys who moved me were Mike and Curtis, they were wonderful. Made my move fast and easy. I recommend this company completely from customer service to the guys who moved me.

Molly Neck

Highly recommend for both packing and moving services. The communication was excellent from the booking phase to the final move. The charges were explained to me throughly so there were no surprises with the final invoice.

Leanne Seewald

These guys came and worked hard, fast and professionally to get us moved in to our new home. Very friendly and considerate would highly recommend this moving company!!

Tyrone Carter

They were on time, worked fast and very helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you guys for all the help.


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