Relax While We Pack For You!


One of the most tedious and lengthy tasks of the moving process is the packing of your homes’ belongings.  Moving boxes are one of the best and safest methods to prepare your items for moving. If you’re planning to tackle all of your packing needs by yourself, it may be worth considering the time and liability of trying to accomplish all our home packing by yourself, depending on the size of your home, can take anywhere from a few days to a week if not longer!


Not only do you have to commit your precious time to these necessary tasks, you also need to keep in mind whether or not you are packing your items correctly for the best protection while the movers load and stack your boxes into the moving truck as tight as possible to ensure all of your items are moved in as minimal loads as possible.


Did you know that if you do your own packing, moving companies COULD deny liability of any damaged items in the box by simply claiming the box was not properly packed?  You work hard for your belongings, and free time should be spent with family, friends, and fun events.  Why not consider professional packers to take this annoying and dreaded task off your hands??


Move Logistics has the expertise and resources to offer professional and experienced packers to safely and efficiently pack all of your items.  In most cases, our residential packers can have your items professionally packed, labeled, and staged for the movers in less then a days times.  Move Logistics packers are regularly trusted with museum-worthy artifacts and high valued items, and although not every home has these type of items, we will always pack your beloved belongings and heir looms with the care it deserves.


Our affordable packing rates make this service a no-brainer for homeowners.  When you think about the value of YOUR time, give us a call and hear out our low budget packing prices and be ready to be amazed at how we can make what is supposed to be an exciting and memorable event, exactly what it is supposed to be.

Team Up

Another option is to team up on the effort!  Many clients like to pack certain areas that they find simpler, and leave the kitchen packing and valuable item packing to us! We can tailor your packing needs to fit your comfort and budget.  We love seeing our clients kick their feet up and let our team steal the show.

Once you see the smiling faces and great personalities of our packers, you will realize you made the right choice with the right company! 

Unpacking Service

After our professional movers load and deliver your items exactly to where you want them to be, we also offer unpacking services which is easily just as unenjoyable as packing.  Move Logistics can do it all! If you do make the right choice and choose our team for packing, take advantage of our CHEAP BOXES and Moving Materials that we offer as an added benefit to you!