Surviving Moving Day

Moving Day!!! A day filled with excitement, anticipation, joy, stress, anxiety, sadness… Whoa, that got a little dark. Alas, it’s true that moving day is considered to be one of the most stressful days in a person’s life but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s go over a few tips and considerations to make this day more joyous than negative.

First of all, congratulations on moving to your first house, a new house, an apartment, or a condo located in a different part of your city, a new city, a different state, across the nation! Wherever you’re relocating to will be new and exciting. You know what your final goal is; now let’s discuss how to make it happen. The first tip is to request a Free Quote from Move Logistics to make your moving day a breeze.

Create a Checklist

While preparing to relocate you need to make a checklist to keep yourself organized so you won’t be overwhelmed later. A detailed checklist will keep you focused and help you before the move, during the move, and after the move. There are many more tasks that can be added to your own personal list but we’ll just cover the basics here.

Consider adding to your pre-move list:

  • Have any remodeling or painting done before arriving at the new house
  • Notify USPS of your new mailing address

  • Change your address online and on bills
  • Update Driver’s License

  • Change address on car insurance and registration

  • Transfer Utilities

  • Transfer Prescriptions

  • Hire a handyman at the new house to be there the day of the move to connect your appliances

  • Take inventory of belongings

  • Have your refrigerator clean and unplugged for a day before moving

  • Drain water from hoses leading to washing machine, dishwasher, and ice machine

  • Have a portable ice cooler to hold drinks and snacks for moving day

  • Have water bottles to offer your movers


Image of a father helping his daughter pack books into a boxOnce you’re done with any pre-moving tasks then it’s time to get ready for the big moving day. Hopefully you’ve taken inventory of everything that will be moved, It’ll keep you organized and also help the moving company stay organized. At Move Logistics we offer our packing services so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. “When hiring us to pack your belongings, our professional packing team will visit your home prior to move day and pack all of your belongings using the most efficient and proper packing supplies to keep your belongings safe during transport.” You’ll want to separate any items that you consider essential so we can pack and mark that separately. Essential items are the things you will need that first night in your new home. This way you won’t have to tear into boxes trying to find what you need after a long, hard day.

There may be some items that you prefer to pack yourself. Just let us know and we’ll avoid those items. We do sell moving boxes and packing supplies as well so please review our inventory and let us know what we can bring to you.

Some items you may prefer to pack yourself may include clothing and personal mementos. You should also pack and transport personal and business papers and documents yourself.

Moving Day

Moving day will be very hectic so go to sleep early the night before and wake up early the day of your move. Have a good breakfast and pack your last minute essentials as you finish using them. Everything is already packed so you can relax a little and wait for the movers to load everything. You’ll want to keep your moving day checklist within reach all day. Keep in contact with the movers and check off everything that has been loaded.

Moving Day checklist:

  • Inventory of every box packed

  • How many boxes for each room

  • Essentials packed and ready to go

  • Load items you want to transport yourself in your car

  • Gas up your car

  • Load ice cooler with drinks and snacks

  • Have cash on hand to tip your movers

  • Have realtor or landlord turn on ac or heat to acclimate your home before you get there

  • Let the handyman know your time of arrival at the new house

Arrival at Your New Abode

You’re finally at your new place and the Move Logistics movers have arrived. Our movers will place coverings on your floor to protect it before they begin to unload the boxes. You have the option to have everything unloaded as is or you can also have us unpack everything for you. After our professional movers load and deliver your items exactly where you want them to be, we can have our packers unpack all your items. Move Logistics can do it all!” If you choose to unpack everything yourself; we recommend starting with your essentials and setting up your bed first. The handyman should be there already and installing all of your appliances. Go through your inventory with the movers and make sure that every box has arrived and has been unloaded. Once the handyman and our movers are finished and gone; you’ll finally be on your own. Fortunately you have your essentials within reach, snacks and drinks moved from the cooler to the refrigerator and your bed setup for a good night’s sleep.

The next day; work begins again. Take your time setting up everything so you don’t feel like it’s work. A home is slowly built and you should enjoy the process. Set up the rooms that are important for daily life like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. After those rooms are set up then it’s time to go back to your checklist.

Final Checklist:

  • Secure your important documents in a safe place

  • Change the locks

  • Go grocery shopping

  • Start a homeowners file that contains house and appliance information

Like we stated at the beginning of this blog; you will have many emotions about moving. We’ve dealt with minimizing stress and anxiety but what about sadness and fear?

To turn sadness or fear into happiness and relief follow these tips.

  1. Call your family and friends
  2. Set up pictures of family and friends
  3. Get a pet
  4. Say hello to the neighbors
  5. Get to know your neighborhood
  6. Try local restaurants
  7. Visit tourist sites

Most of all just remember that you’re finally home.


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