Moving a Hänel Lean Lift

Move Logistics was contracted to disassemble and move a Hänel Lean Lift. A Hänel Lean Lift is a large industrial machine used to store and quickly access items. In order to take this apart and relocate the machine we needed:

  • Team of 8
  • Forklifts
  • Flatbeds
  • Electrician
  • 2 Scissor lifts

Move Logistics has generations of experience when it comes to commercial and industrial moving. Move Logistics provides attention to detail when it comes to disassembly and relocation of large equipment. We have several locations in San Antonio , TX and also near by servicing the hill country up in Boerne, TX. Request a Free Moving Quote or Call (210) 942-0357

Video of Moving a Hänel Lean Lift

Time Lapse Video of Moving a Hänel Lean Lift