Grupo Sesé needed to #relocate to Chattanooga Tennessee from San Antonio Texas and needed assistance #loading their 18-wheeler safely.

We #moved their entire office floor and had to navigate through multiple floors because the building only consisted of freight elevators. It was roughly 200 yards worth of walking one way with each piece to load into their truck!

We helped break down unique furniture systems, dismounted and wrapped large glass white boards, large conference table, all boxes and pedistools. We loaded in the street and worked around the traffic downtown to get everything in the 18 wheeler safely and efficiently!

💪🏼Manpower: 9 movers
💪🏼Job completed in 7 hours

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Here at Move Logistics we truly believe there is nothing we can’t move. We have moved commercial grade kitchen equipment, large safes, heavy duty medical equipment, historic military vehicles, over sized museum artifacts, the list goes on and on! We carry forklifts, flatbed trailers, cranes, and other heavy-duty equipment on hand to better serve our clients.

Move Logistics is proud to admit that 60% of our business consists of commercial clients. We assist businesses and programs such as school campuses, banks, title companies, museums, non-profit agencies, and military bases just to name a few. We carry a diverse amount of resourceful materials and equipment to efficiently complete your move. From Stackable Crates, Library/Machine Carts, Gondola Boxes, the list goes on with the many resources we could offer for all heavy duty commercial moving needs.

Our professionally trained staff are experts in everything from packing, relocating, unpacking, cubicle installation, heavy item moving, high-liability moving, and special item moving. We have serviced retail stores, professional offices, to medical offices and educational facilities. Our business is focused on caring for your items during your move.

You can rest assured knowing our movers will get your business moved without interrupting business operations.


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