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We were blessed to hired to move the entire office building of City Hall in Boerne, TX. Here is a video of Move Logistics relocating the offices of Boerne City Hall Utilities in Boerne, TX.

    • Rainy Weather
    • Packing & Wrapping
    • Moving & Storage
    • 100 Offices
    • 1,000 boxes
    • Moving Time 1.5 days
    • 5 Trucks
    • Crew of 15 Movers
    • Zero Injuries
    • Zero Damage
    • Moved 100%

Hi my name is Sean Abrams and I am with Move Logistics your local full-service moving and storage company. Today I am excited to announce that Move Logistics was blessed with the opportunity to handle the entire move for the city offices of Boerne Texas. We are moving roughly a hundred personnel to the new building location right now we have our crew of 15 men loading up truck by truck carefully making sure we get all the documents and old files that the city has accumulated over the years and years of their history being in this building getting ready to load up and deliver to the new location.

Here we are today at the new city hall of Boerne Texas. We just finished completely relocating their entire city hall offices to the new beautifully remodeled building located here downtown. Despite some ugly weather our crew of 15 men 4 moving trucks and an 18-wheeler was able to maneuver roughly a thousand boxes and all the old furniture and new furniture the city on Boerne was requiring for us to move to the new office despite the multi levels of floors and the slippery weather we are able to maneuver all the items without any injury or damage.

Hi I’m Linda Zartler I’m the assistant city manager for the City of Boerne we have moved into our new building here at 447 North Main in Boerne Texas. Move logistics has been fantastic to work with we’ve had a couple of delays they worked with us on rescheduling the time for moving and moving it back actually at three different weekends they were prompt courtesy every one of the crew members have been professional have managed to ask the necessary questions they need and deliver the goods or the correct rooms and put all the furniture in its places without any damage either they’re fantastic to work with it if I had another move to do which I hope I never have I hope to invite them and again to assist us.

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Movers Relocate Boerne Utility Office

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Linda Zartler
Assistant City Manager of Boerne TX.

Packing and Moving Old Boerne City Hall Utilities Offices

It was rainy day while taking care of wrapping, packing and loading up the 5 trucks.


We lay down heavy duty cardboard to protect the floor from the rolling wheels of dolly’s while we move heavy objects like tables, safes, desks, cabinets and hungry move logistics movers over delicate floors.


No one wants rain in their stuff, especially accountants and engineers. We carefully wrap items to protect them not only from rain during move but also during storage during transport. Keep that humidity out!


It took 15 movers to pack and load up 5 trucks in less than 1 day.


1 ton safe? easy for us to move. We moved several and don’t mind moving yours.


Time to unload all the safe happy boxes from the 5 trucks. Everything received no damage and found its proper home.


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Moving into the New Boerne City Hall Utilities Building

The next day we started the move so early we woke the roosters. Teamwork and attention to detail got all the boxes and offices setup before the end of day.